Birth Pics
Anita started labor at home at around 12:30 Tuesday morning. Her Doula, Tammy, came by around 2:30. Our friends Allan and Susanna came by a little later. We all went to the hospital around 4:30. Anita was at 3cm when she arrived. Within less than three hours she was at 7cm. At a little after 9:00 that morning Zane came into this world wondering, "Who won the Super Bowl? I couldn't hear through all that water!"


Anita after her shower during early labor

"Okay. Where's my epidural?"

Tammy does her thing

We watch the sun rise through the window

Susanna is thinking, "I'm ready for my epidural right now!" Allan snoozes.

The doc immediately put Zane on Anita's belly

Jim's view from a splatter-free zone

Zane checks to see if he is big enough to play pee-wee football

"We made this!"

"And I helped."

Carr grandkid #11. Szoke grandkid #1.