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5-4-2008 - See what happens when you have two kids? Things go nuts. No updates for a long time. Well, it's time to resolve that. Finally, something other than the boring birth pics!

11-18-2007 - Please welcome Tibor Harrison Carr to the world. Tibor is pronounced "tea-bore" - a Hungarian name. According to his cousin, Jason, it means "He who goats." Don't ask. T-Bone weighed in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce and 20 inches. That's about 3.67 kg and 50.8 cm for our third world friends. You can check out the birth pics.

Anita decided to be induced on Saturday night because her doctor was going to be gone on vacation for Thanksgiving. Besides, the hospital was slow and he was already there, so what the heck? It had absolutely nothing to do with the Redskins-Cowboys game Sunday afternoon. 

Everything went smoothly. I'd give you more details, but I stayed in the "splatter free" zone like I did with with Zane. Plus I covered my ears a lot and went "la la la la la la."

Zane is looking forward to having a little brother to boss around. Ebbet, the dog, is looking forward to having somebody less smart than him in the pack again. Anita and I are looking forward to the peace and quiet that comes with a toddler and an infant. 


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