Can you believe it's 2004 already? You know what that means, don't ya? Reunion time! In order to assist you in preparing for the reunion, here are a few links: - Great rates flying into BWI.
- The Atkins Diet - If you haven't "blossomed" yet, there's still time! - Need a hottie for a date? - Land that big job so you can brag the night away!

Come celebrate the last graduating class on Saturday, September 11, 2004, at the Knights of Columbus in Silver Spring, MD. Festivities begin at 7:30 PM. Let's dance the night away and reminisce with old classmates as we enjoy tasty appetizers and an open bar.

Make Your Reservation Today!!

The committee is planning a photo presentation. Please e-mail or snail-mail some of your favorite high school photo memories to Colleen (Jacques) Callis at Please label each photo with your name so it can be returned to you at the reunion. Check your e-mails regularly for updates.

Colleen Callis
25933 Largo Court
Damascus, MD 20872

Many alumni are still "missing," so please help us find them! If you have any idea where any of these people might be, let us know. A "last I heard he was in Dallas" or "I hear she married someone named Carson" may be all the clue we need to track them down. You can e-mail us at .

Mohammed Akbar
William Allen
Michael Alexander
Jeffrey Ball
Clarence Baskerville
Matt Beattie
Gary Beltowski
Brad Bernardo
Warren Blackwell
Ernest (Bucky)Blasher
Shawn Boyd
Robert Bragonier
Jenifer Braly
Theresa Bratcher
Calvin Briscoe
Jacqueline Bryan
John Cahill
Bettina Capotoso
Joanne Carlisle
Eric Cary
Sophry Chhay
Chin Sun Chung
Kevin Clark
Heidi Collier
Dana Daniels
Mithew Dey
Sean Dodson
Sean Donnely
Charles Drummond
Wael Dubbaneh
Mike Durham
Juan Espinoza
David Fairbanks
Angelo Forte
Jeff Funkhouser
DeAnn Furda
Crystal Ginn
Paul Graberek
Valerie Hall
Todd Harper
Frank Hastings
Robert Henley
Sandra Hin
John Hornyak
Kevin Houck
Keith Howes
Thomas Hundley
Kelly Imbre
Helen Jenkins
Marjorie John
Karen Jones
Ricky Joseph
Ji Jeon Kang
Pat Kapust
Kenneth Keener
Donald King
Susan Krizmanich
Kay Kuhayda
Jeff Lasko
Brad Laurienzo
Eun H. Lee
Eun M. Lee
Julie Lee
Linda Lee
Patricia Lee
Woo Suk Lee
Jackie Libby (Fields)
Peter Ling
Oscar Madariagas
Rober Marinaccio
Pat Mason
May (Lynn) McHale
Mike Monroe
Alycia Moon
Belina Nagy
Curtis Noland
Debra Olson
Atam Ozkayan
Monique Pelletier
Pam Perry
Thang Pham
Mike Polcari
Robert Rehwodlt
Keith Riffle
Cheryl Robertson
Randall Robinson
Barry Romans
Phyllis Sandler
Andrew Scott
James Seagle
Debbie Sherman
Myung Shin
Mindy Shor
Jason Smith
Randall Smith
Michael Smyrk
Bruce Stonestreet
Karen Suit
Scott Sutton
DeCarlo Taylor
Gregory Taylor
Stacie Tucker
Doug Tully
DeAnna Turner
William Van Houten
Mike Varron
Scott Waldman
Ron Warren
Mike Wheeler