E-Forms EZ
1998 by James Carr

Technical Support
Support is provided free of charge. You send e-mail describing your problem to carrprog@azwebpages.com and receive a response within one business day, usually within hours. Be sure to check our web page at http://www.azwebpages.com/e-forms and visit the updated Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you have special needs that are not covered by E-Forms EZ? We can write a custom version just for your needs. Just let us know what special changes you need and we'll provide an estimate free of charge and obligation.

Please visit our web page at http://www.azwebpages.com/e-forms/pricing.htm for the latest pricing and special offers. Until properly licensed, E-Forms EZ will place "Evaluation Notices" next to approximately one out of every four macros it evaluates.

Types of Licenses
You can license E-Forms EZ in one of two ways:

Single Domain (www.mydomain.com)
By Machine (Multiple Domains on a single machine)

Frequently Asked Questions
Sometimes I get the error page, but there is no error message. What's wrong?
E-Forms EZ relies on your SMTP server to explain why it won't accept a message. Some SMTP servers don't give a reason. The two most likely causes are that you have an improperly formatted e-mail address in the mail_to or mail_from fields or you are not connecting on the correct port (SMTP_Port).

Can I use the same files for different forms? For example can more than one form share a Message Text file?

Is there a log file for errors?
Yes. Look for e-forms-error.txt in the same directory from which you run e-forms.exe. It is a standard text file. Each line lists the date, time, and error description. Here is some more information about
resolving errors

When a user submits a form, sometimes I get "**" for a value. How can I change that?
Add a field called use_asterisks and set the value to No. This will force the program to use a space instead of ** when a macro does not have an associated value.