E-Forms EZ
1998-2000 by James Carr

Mail Options
In addition to just sending a message to the address in the mail_to field, you have several other options at your disposal.

Multiple Recipients
You can send a message to more than one person. Just separate the addresses in the mail_to field using spaces. Note: If you are going to send a Receipt, you can only use one address in the mail_to field unless you set the value of the receipt_from field. See the Field Listing and Receipts section for details.

Carbon Copies
You can send standard carbon copies or blind carbon copies of each message sent. Enter the addresses in the mail_cc and mail_bcc fields. See the
Field Listing for details.

File Attachments
You can attach a file to a message. Enter the name of the file in the attached_file field. The file must exist on your web server in order to be sent. See the
Field Listing for details.

Accepting Uploaded Files
You can accept an uploaded from the user if that user's browser permits uploading. Netscape 2.0 and higher permits this option. Older versions of Explorer can support this option with the use of an ActiveX control. You only need to make two modifications to your form for E-Forms AZ to accept uploads. First, change the action of your form to include the ENCTYPE setting.

	<form ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" action="/cgi-bin/e-forms.exe">

You must also create a field named file of type FILE to accept the name of the upload.

	<input TYPE="FILE" NAME="file">

When the form is submitted, E-Forms EZ will automatically check to see if a file was uploaded. If there is one, it will automatically attach it to the Primary Message. The EZ-Demo.htm sample file includes this setup.