E-Forms EZ
1998 by James Carr

Special Information for FrontPage Users
Using E-Forms EZ with FrontPage is very easy! For each FrontPage web you make, create a subdirectory to hold e-forms.exe and whatever other files e-forms.exe may require (message_text, response_page, etc.). This folder must be set up to allow the execution of scripts and programs. This eliminates the need to manually FTP the files to the server yourself. When you publish the web, everything you need will get moved to the server.

Note: If you are not using a web server with FrontPage Extensions installed, your web server administrator must set up a folder to allow the execution of programs and scripts. Usually you already have one called /cgi-bin.

Setting Up a Folder for E-Forms

In FrontPage Explorer select the Folders View and click on the highest level folder.

Choose File, New, Folder from the menu.

Name the new folder /cgi-bin.

Right-click on this new folder and select Properties.

Turn on (check) the options to Allow Scripts to be Run and Allow Programs to be Run. You may want to clear the option to Allow Files to be Browsed. Close this dialog box.

With this new folder still selected, choose File, Import from the menu. Add e-forms.exe and whatever other files you may have already created to this directory.

Note: If you develop your FrontPage webs locally (your own hard drive) and then publish them to your web server with FrontPage extensions (on the Internet), you must open the FrontPage web from your web server at least once. FrontPage will create the folder described above on your web server, but it will not set the permissions. Therefore, you must do this manually (just once) for each web after opening the FrontPage Web from your Internet web server.

When you create your form(s), you can save them in the root directory of your FrontPage web. The key is to set the Action of the form (Custom script) to use this newly created directory with the full path. For example, if you created a web and published it to www.mydomain.com/computers/myform.htm, the action for the form would be /computers/cgi-bin/e-forms.exe. If you are simply publishing the web to the root directory, then the action is the standard /cgi-bin/e-forms.exe.

Remember to place all of the other files that E-Forms EZ uses (message_text, response_page, results_file_template) in the same directory as e-forms.exe, not your form. When you publish your FrontPage web, all of the files will be moved accordingly.