E-Forms EZ
2000 by James Carr

What is it?
E-Forms EZ is a Windows 95/98/NT (Intel) based executable that will take the output from a web form submission and send the results via e-mail using any format you choose. It will also display a custom page to the caller after the message has been sent. It will work with any Windows web server. If your web hosting service does not let you execute scripts, try http://www.allinfosys.com or contact me at Jim@azwebpages.com to see about a license to use E-Forms EZ on our web server.

Be sure to run the E-Forms Wizard! This program will help you create the files you need to get the most out of E-Forms EZ!


New and Improved with 1.70

New and Improved with 1.60

New and Improved with version 1.50