E-Forms EZ
1998 by James Carr

Error Page
This page is a standard HTML file. If there is an error sending the message such as incorrect SMTP server name, this HTML page will be displayed. This page operates the same way the error Page does. You should use the %error_desc% macro to describe the error. The field name error_page is used to tell E-Forms EZ the location of this file. All errors are logged into a file called e-forms-error.txt located in the same directory as e-forms.exe.

Note: This page is optional. If you don't create an Error Page, E-Forms EZ will create one on the fly.

You supply E-Forms EZ the name of this file using the error_page field on your form. If the file is located in the same directory as e-forms.exe, just use the file name without the drive or directory (error_page="myfile.htm)". If the file is in a directory below the directory where e-forms.exe is stored, use the format error_page="\mydir\myfile.htm". If you know the absolute location of the file, use the format error_page="c:\webfiles\myfile.htm".

Remember, if you use a URL for this page (error_page="http://www.azwebpages.com/e-forms/myfile.htm"), you will not be able to use macros.

For more information about resolving errors, check here.