E-Forms EZ
1998 by James Carr

E-Forms.INI - Default Settings
Use the E-Forms Wizard to create a default settings file called E-Forms.INI. This file is created and saved in the same directory as the Wizard program. You need to copy this file to the same directory from which e-forms.exe is executed on your web server. Whatever values you set in this file will be used by your forms if no other value is supplied by your form. This lets you put together forms more quickly.

For example, you can set the default value of mail_to to be your webmaster e-mail address (do this using the Wizard).When a form is submitted and processed, the default value is used unless the form expressly has the mail_to field on it. If a field is found on your form, the default value is ignored. This applies to all of the fields used by E-Forms EZ.