The full documentation to E-Forms EZ is available online. It's also included in the self-installing download. Remember to take a look at the demos to see how it's done.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I promise to help you get your forms up and running. E-Forms EZ is a powerful program - with a little creativity we can usually make it do whatever you need! Be sure to tell me the type of web server you are running, what you have tried to do, and what error messages you have received (see e-forms-error.txt in the same directory as e-forms.exe).

Need to test if your server is set up to execute scripts? Download this file. Put it in your SCRIPTS or CGI-BIN folder. Then run it like this: You should see a list of server variables. If you don't, you should see an error message or the browser will try to download the file. If that happens, you didn't set up your folder to execute scripts properly. If you are using a hosting company, you might have to ask them to set the permission for you.

I want to download the demo version now!




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