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bulletLearning How to Customize
bulletMultiple and Variable Recipients
bulletSaving the Results to a File
bulletUnderstanding Form Controls

I want to download the demo version now!

Frequently Asked Questions about the demos:

Why don't the demo forms look like your other pages?
To make it easier on you!! I could have used graphics and fancy fonts, but I figured that many people will be viewing the underlying HTML to see how the page was built. Who wants to wade through all of that extra HTML code? I also figured that some people will use these pages as the starting point for their own pages.

Is there any other programming or scripting involved that I don't see here?
Nope. I put e-forms.exe in my CGI-BIN folder, which is set up for executing scripts. A few of the templates I made are saved in this folder. Other than that what you see is all there is to it.

It appears you used FrontPage to make these pages. Does your program require FrontPage?
Heck, no! I only used FrontPage because I'm a software developer, not a webmaster. I need software that lets me get a mediocre site up quickly. You can use E-Forms EZ with any HTML editor including Notepad!



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