Learning How to Customize

In this example we expand on the simple demo. I created templates for the page you see after you submit the form and for the e-mail that gets sent. The templates are ordinary HTML files that E-Forms EZ uses to perform your customization. The changes to the form from the previous example were the additions of hidden fields called response_page and message_text. These fields tell E-Forms EZ to use the templates instead of creating the pages automatically. When you receive the e-mail, you will find that the template used to create the message was sent as an attachment. This demonstrates the ability to attach files to a message. Normally you wouldn't attach the template, but I'm trying to teach you something here, so please humor me.
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Most browsers let you view the source of the web page. 
Feel free to take a look and see how simple this form is!

Note: Your e-mail address is considered confidential. It will never be distributed or used for any other purpose than this demonstration..