Jim on Bass Privacy Policy, Copyright and Disclaimers

Privacy Policy

Any private information you submit to me (name, e-mail) is kept private unless you stipulate otherwise. If in the future I choose to use your information for other purposes besides the original intended use, I will ask you to opt-in and only use that information if you consent. I say this because some sites say their policies might change in the future, but never mention what happens to information collected under the old policy.

I use Google Analytics to gather web statistics. This is done with the placement of one or more cookies. I use this information to learn more about the browsing habits of visitors as a whole and in groups. I don't have any access to personal information about you. Nobody else has access to these web statistics. Lots of people use Google Analytics, so if there was a security issue, you'd know about it already.


I sometimes use Google Adwords on this site. Google chooses the ads based on the content of the page. I am paid a few cents if and only if you click on an ad. I am not paid just for displaying the ad. Please do not click on an ad unless you are genuinely interested. If you ever run across a site encouraging people to click on the ads, please report them to Google. I run other sites where I pay for clicks, and it's quite rude to be paying for "junk" clicks.

I belong to Amazon Affiliate program. If you click on a link from here to one of those sites and then make a purchase, I earn a small commission. In order for me to get credit you need to make the purchase within a certain time frame (days to weeks). If you get to the same item another way, I don't get credit. So, if my site influenced your purchase, I ask that you click the link from here or even come back later to click the link. I only provide links to items I have either tested personally or have owned.

Copyright and Trademarks

I, Jim Carr, own the copyrights to all the articles written here and to all photographs of people. I reserve all rights. In other words you can't do anything with these articles or photos besides read them or print them for later viewing. If you have other uses in mind, just ask.

All opinions are my own. Use my advice at your own risk.

All trademarks are owned by their respective companies. If you are the owner of a trademark and have a concern, please contact me on GMAIL as UncaYimmy.