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Company Description Website
Alembic Boutique www.alembic.com 
Alleva-Copplo Low to mid-range www.allevacoppolo.com 
Aria Low to mid-range www.ariausa.com
B.C. Rich Guitars Mid-range www.bcrich.com 
Benavente Guitars Boutique www.benaventeguitars.com 
Brubaker Guitars Boutique www.brubakerguitars.com
C.F. Martin Acoustic basses www.martinguitar.com
Carvin Mid to upper mid-range www.carvin.com 
Conklin Boutique www.conklinguitars.com 
Cort Low to high-end www.cort.com 
Curbow High-end/Boutique www.curbow.com 
Daisy Rock Guitars Cute short-scale basses www.daisyrock.com
Dean Low to mid-range www.deanguitars.com 
Dingwall Boutique  www.dingwallguitars.com 
Elrick Bass Guitars Boutique www.elrick.com
Epiphone Low to mid-range www.epiphone.com 
Ernie Ball/Music Man Mid to high-end basses www.ernieball.com 
ESP Guitars Mid-range www.espguitars.com 
Fender Low to high-end www.fender.com 
Fernandez  Low to mid-range www.fernandesguitars.com
First Act Boutique www.firstact.com 
Fodera Boutique www.fodera.com
G&L Tribute Series Mid-range www.glguitars.com 
Gibson USA High-end www.gibson.com 
Godin Guitars Mid-range www.godinguitars.com 
Godlyke High-mid to Boutique www.godlyke.com 
Hamer USA Boutique www.hamerguitars.com 
Hofner High-end www.hofner.com
Ibanez Low to high mid-range www.ibanez.com
Indiana Guitar Co. Acoustic bass www.ipdmusic.com
Italia Guitars Mid-range clones www.italiaguitars.com 
Italia Leather Straps Custom Leather Straps www.ItaliaStraps.com
Jackson Mid-range www.jacksonguitars.com
Jay Turser Low to mid-range www.jayturser.com 
Johnson Musical Low-end clones www.themusiclink.net
Karmer Low-end www.kramerguitars.com
Ken Smith High-end/Boutique www.kensmithbasses.com 
Lakland High-end/Boutique www.lakland.com
Line 6 Digital modeling on-board www.line6.com
Lightwave Systems Mid to high-end www.lightwave-systems.com
Low End Distribution High-end www.lowenddistribution.com 
Lucida Mariachi bass www.themusiclink.net
Manne Boutique www.manne.com
Michael Kelly Acoustic basses www.michaelkellyguitars.com
Mike Lull Boutique www.mikelull.com
Minarik Guitars Strange body shapes www.minarikguitars.com 
Modulus High-end/Boutique www.modulusguitars.com
Moser Custom Shop Mid-range www.mosercustomshop.com
MTD/Michael Tobias Design Mid-range www.mtdbass.com
Morgan Monroe Mid-range www.morganmonroe.com
NS Design Boutique Electric Uprights www.nedsteinberger.com
Ovation Acoustic bass www.ovationguitars.com
Parker Mid-range www.usmusiccorp.com
Peavey Low to high-end www.peavey.com
Pedulla Boutique www.pedulla.com
Rickenbacker Upper mid-range www.rickenbacker.com
Renaissance Guitars Boutique www.renaissanceguitars.com 
Roscoe Boutique www.roscoeguitars.com
Sadowsky Boutique www.sadowsky.com
Schecter Low to mid-range www.schecterguitars.com
Simmons Guitars Boutique www.simmonsguitars.com
Spector Low to high-end www.spectorbass.com
Spirit Musical Products Mid to high-end www.spiritmusicalproducts.com
Steinberger The headless bass www.steinberger.com
Sukop Boutique www.sukop.com
Traben Bass Mid to high-end www.trabenbass.com 
Wall Basses Boutique  walbasses.homestead.com
Warrior Boutique www.warriorbass.com 
Warwick Mid to high-end/Boutique www.danabgoods.com
Washburn Low to mid-range www.usmusiccorp.com 
Waterstone Mid-range www.waterstoneguitars.com
Yamaha  Low to high-end/Boutique www.yamahaguitars.com 
Zon Boutique www.zonguitars.com

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