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Bass Effects Makers

Company Description Website
Aguilar Preamps www.aguilaramp.com
Ampeg Stomp Boxes www.ampeg.com 
Ashdown Stomp Boxes www.ashdownmusic.com
BBE Sonic Maximizer www.bbesound.com 
Behringer Various www.behringer.com 
Boss Stomp Boxes & Multi-Effects www.rolandus.com 
Carl Martin Bass Chorus www.carlmartin.com 
Chunk Systems Specialty www.godlyke.com 
Digitech Stomp Boxes & Multi-Effects www.digitech.com 
DNA Analogic Specialty www.godlyke.com 
Dunlop DI Boxes and Wah www.jimdunlop.com 
East UK Preamps/DI www.east-uk.com 
EBS High-End Stomp Boxes ebs.bass.de 
Electro Harmonix Synth Stuff www.ehx.com 
Emma Effects Specialty www.godlyke.com 
Fodera Preamp www.fodera.com 
Guyatone Envelope Filter www.godlyke.com 
HAO Handbuilt Specialty www.godlyke.com 
Hartke Preamp/DI www.hartke.com 
Line 6 Modeling/Multi-Effects www.line6.com 
Moog Synth Stuff www.moogmusic.com 
Morley Wah www.morleypedals.com 
MSD Specialty www.godlyke.com 
Peavey Specialty www.peavey.com
Phil Jones Preamp/DI www.philjonesbass.com 
Radial Engineering Preamp/DI www.tonebone.com
SWR Overdrive www.swrsound.com 
Tech 21  Preamp/DI www.tech21nyc.com
Toneworks Mutli-Effects www.korg.com 
Zoom Multi-Effects www.samsontech.com 

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