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Thanks for stopping by the Jim on Bass website. I've put together a collection of articles, gear reviews, and links for you, the bass player. I invite you to kick back, relax, and take your time reading and listening to what I have to offer.

I'd Rather Be Playing Bass You can read more about me on the aptly named About Me page, but I'll tell you very quickly that I'm a self-taught bass player who has been playing since high school. I won't tell you what year I graduated Peary High School in Maryland, but I will say that I graduated after the movie "Meatballs" but before "The Breakfast Club". Bass is not my profession, but it has been a lifelong hobby. I mostly played in cover bands, but for a while I was in Radiobox, an original alternative rock band based in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you enjoy the site, please drop me a note. If you hate it, well, you must be a lead guitar player or something. If you have any suggestions for other articles, links or whatever, just let me know. I am on Facebook as UncaYimmy.


Jim Carr