Website Programming

Phoenix website programmer, Jim Carr, provide website development in several programming languages such as PHP and ASP.NET.

DotNetNuke Programming

DotNetNuke is a website portal based on the programming language ASP.NET. This open source platform comes with a large number of features built in including a user security/roles system. One feature people really love about it is that they can log in and edit content on the site themselves. This saves having to call a website programmer and get billed for the time.

There is a robust third party market for DotNetNuke modules ranging from free all the way up to several thousand dollars. Fortunately, most modules are less than 200 with many under $50. With these modules the website programmer can create social networking sites, e-commerce sites, discussion sites and more. Since the source code is usually available for purchase, this means you can customize the module as much as you would like (or are willing to pay for).

Another advantage of DNN is the ability to skin the site. Instead of paying a graphic designer to create the basic look for your site, you can buy pre-made skins. There are literally thousands available with most being under $100. This can knock down the development cost (and time) for your website dramatically. Of course, if you prefer your own custom design, that can be done as well.

PHP Programming

PHP is a widely used programming language for websites. There are a number of scripts avaialble in PHP, many of them free (and unfortunately, worth what you pay). However, a good programmer can fix and customize these scripts. These scripts are excellent, but many of them are "disconnected" from each other. This means that each program handles things like logins all on their own. This might not be a problem for you, but if it is, DotNetNuke is a better choice. If you need a speicific process accomplished with little CPU overhead, PHP is your best bet.