Automatic Southwest Check-in

Automatic Southwest Check-in Software/Script! SW Software Development, LLC, a Phoenix based software development company, has just released their automated Southwest Airlines web check-in software. The software is a free download and is to be used for passengers of Southwest Airlines desiring to use Southwest's web check-in service unattended.

After downloading and installing the software on a Windows based computer, users enter their flight details including confirmation number, passenger name, and the airport and flight times. The software can be used for a one-way or round trip. After saving these details, a task is added to the software's Scheduler tab. The user then minimizes the software, which is then left running and is accessible via the Windows taskbar.

Approximately 36 hours before the flight is scheduled to leave, an e-mail reminder is sent to the user so that the task can be canceled should the user not be taking the flight. At 24 hours before the scheduled flight, the software connects to the Southwest Airlines website from the user's computer and performs the web check-in unattended. An e-mail with the boarding pass is sent to the user. Passengers can also print boarding passes at their convenience from the Southwest Airlines website or via kiosks at the airport terminal. The software compensates for the airport time zone and daylight savings time, so users can leave the software running on their home computer while they are away.

It's Something Everyone Needs

Jim Carr, Chief Technology Officer for SW Software Development, commented, "I love Southwest Airlines, but their boarding process can be stressful, especially for those with families. You can't always be at your computer when the check-in window opens. You could do some complicated scripting yourself - our software just makes it easier for you."

MySouthwestCheckin is currently running an introductory special of $1 per check-in. This is a limited time offer.